Getting seen online is a complex science. Any social media marketing agency or SEO team will certainly confirm this! The way we browse the web is always changing, and with that, so do the rules that Google lays out for getting up to the top of search rankings. Beyond organic SEO, there are ways that you can effectively purchase ad space on listings, too. This is widely referred to as Pay Per Click, or as we’ll call it for the rest of this guide, PPC.

Many social media marketing services and ecommerce growth agency experts swear by PPC. Yes – in some ways, it can seem as though paying for ads on search results may not be your best option. However, that all depends on how you work PPC to your advantage. There are strong advocations out there for using PPC and organic SEO in tandem, for example!

If you are completely new to PPC and are looking for help from an ecommerce marketing agency UK businesses rely on, Digifolk is always on hand to support you. Before you get in touch with us, however, take the time to consider the following points regarding PPC, and how it could benefit you in the long run.

1. PPC = Analytics Heaven

If, like us, you are really into your data and trackable results, then you are likely going to love setting up PPC campaigns.

PPC is infinitely trackable and very easy to analyse. You will never be ‘in the dark’ about how your PPCs are performing, largely thanks to the tools Google has to offer us – for free!

For example, it is well worth using tools such as Google Analytics, and your Google Ads dashboard, to see which ads are performing well, and which need tweaking.

If you are completely new to this side of things, there’s never any need to worry. A trusted social media agency small business services count on, such as Digifolk, will take you through the whole process.

2. PPC is Amazingly Adaptable

As mentioned, there are plenty of schools of out there that insist PPC works brilliantly alongside SEO basics. As a company offering social media marketing services and ad space support, as well as organic SEO campaigns, we really do have to agree. There needs to be a balance between paid advertising and organic outreach if you really want to get the visitors your business demands.

However, you can also easily draft PPC into your wider marketing calendars and campaigns. For example, if you are already running social media campaigns and are in the process of tweaking the technical SEO of a website or two, you can effectively leave PPC to run in the background.

Providing you keep a close eye on your PPC performance, there are no reasons why you can’t leave your ads to drive passive traffic. Over time, of course, you can tweak and upgrade other parts of your marketing strategy to really bolster interest in what you do – and increase revenue, of course!

3. PPC Offers Lots of Power

Many people who approach an ecommerce growth agency or social media marketing agency regarding online advertising and outreach may struggle to get to grips with some of the more complex touches of search marketing. However, one huge asset to PPC is the fact that you can wield lots of power and control over your campaigns from the outset.

This is a huge bonus for anyone who may be completely new to online promotion. PPC offers you the ability to carefully monitor advertising and to ensure that you can tweak your budget as and when you need to. Google has set up a handful of fantastic engines and platforms where you can see all your data in one or two simple places, and where you won’t have to worry about juggling too many plates at once.

Naturally, the team at Digifolk will help you get to grips with all the platforms and tools we recommend for PPC. You’re never on your own!

However, for those business owners and brand managers who really want to wield more control or take the bull by the horns, PPC has boundless potential. You can hit the ground running with analytics interfaces that are easy to read, and which are instantly simple to get into even if you’re not the most technically-minded of people.

4. It’s Guaranteed Clicks!

One of the biggest reasons why people drift towards PPC in the first instance is for the simple fact that your budget goes nowhere until you actually get those clicks. While much of SEO can be a game of trial and error, your PPC budget will only deplete when you start getting engagements. This means, for many people, PPC instantly appears to be a ‘safer bet’. As those of us in the know will tell you, however, it’s only a safe bet if your ads are targeting properly, and if you actively tune them to your audience.

Of course, there’s also the matter of how to keep your audience ‘on page’ once they’ve clicked on your ad. Unfortunately, PPC just provides the hook and the ad placement, not the guaranteed conversion. However, that’s why PPC and SEO work so well together!

At Digifolk, we will design you a digital marketing plan that helps you to not only capture that interest, but also to convert on those clicks. It’s tempting to rely on PPC alone, but unless you are actively working on your website, social media and analytics alongside, you’re going to be throwing money away.

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