It’s a no brainer that social media should be a firm part of your corporate marketing strategy. Billions of people log into Facebook, Instagram and more each and every day. In fact, if your brand or company doesn’t have any kind of social media presence, then you are going to be missing out on tapping into an incredible, lucrative market.

Around half of everyone on the entire planet is actively using social media of some kind. That’s a mind-blowing figure. Think about everyone with access to a mobile phone, a PC, a tablet – they are all ready and waiting for you to pitch to.

So yes – the potential is truly massive – but if you stand any chance of making it big through social media, you’re going to need to know a few tips and tricks of the trade to really work it all to your advantage. Here are just a few you should think about using to get you started.

1.   Carefully Research Your Audience

A huge problem that even the biggest of companies have on social media is that they simply don’t know how to connect with their audiences properly. More often than not, this is as a result of a poor level of research or a lack of interaction with the audience at all.

Therefore, if you really want your posts and your social media outreach program to resonate with people, make sure you know what they’re into, what they’re looking for, and above all, how you can help them. Ultimately, it’s all about making sure you know your target well.

2.   Don’t Spam the Wrong Platforms

It’s pretty tempting to just sign up for all the social media platforms. Surely if people want to connect with you on Facebook, they are going to want to connect with you on Instagram – right?

Not always. In fact, it doesn’t always follow that one specific target audience is going to use all of the channels you expect of them. This is another great reason why making sure you analyse your target and your audience as carefully as possible.

Take a closer look at the goals you want to achieve and the people you intend to reach. This is the best way that you will be able to narrow down the right networks for you.

3.   Quality is Just as Important as Quantity!

You’ve likely heard that posting regularly on social media is key. Certainly, there’s nothing more important than showing your followers you’re active, and that you want to engage with them. However, you can run the risk of uploading all kinds of low quality content just for the sake of making up the numbers.

Therefore, it pays to look carefully at creating content that genuinely appeals to people. Creating quick memes or snapshots that are only going to engage briefly really isn’t the best long-term strategy. Just as your website should offer engaging content, so should every post you make on social media.

4.   Set Up Your Calendar

With view to the above, social media success is all about getting your calendar set up properly. This way, you can make sure that you craft content that’s going to be ideal for specific holidays, events, and dates that really matter to the people you want to connect with.

This means you can also make use of software such as Hootsuite to automate the posts you create and send out. This is great news ahead of time, as you are essentially automating your social media while you can continue to actively ‘be’ your brand, and run your business.

We strongly recommend looking at social media with a month to view. This means that you can take a morning or an afternoon to plan, and then work for a day or two to actively create posts for the next month. It saves time, and it still means that you are putting plenty of effort into your socials that your audience is actually going to want to connect with.

5.   Tell Stories

The age of the hard sell is pretty much over and done with, at least when it comes to traditional sales via social media. Therefore, instead of just creating endless social media posts that plug products and nothing else, try to create stories around the products you put across.

People want to connect with brands that have that human appeal and attachment. One of the most appealing sides to social media is the fact that we can all readily connect with our favourite companies so closely.

Emotional and genuine content really goes far. We wouldn’t even suggest being false about this. Create content that puts across a message that speaks to you, and that you know will speak to likeminded people. You’ll soon find plenty of people looking to connect with you.

6.   Be Ready to Address Mistakes

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes on social media. The smaller, more manageable issues are those where you might accidentally upload the wrong image, or misspell a word. We’re human – it happens.

However, as social media is so public, you’re going to need to own it all. When you make a minor mistake like the above, make a joke of it. Connect with people on their level – but don’t overdo it!

Bigger mistakes and more concerning issues such as customer complaints are going to need a softer touch and a more direct approach. That means you should publicly take ownership of these issues, and then offer to discuss such issues through private messaging.

Social media is a tool that could revolutionise the way that your customers see your business for the better. However, used the wrong way, it may cause issues for you that you don’t otherwise expect. Therefore, now really is the time to get in touch with Digifolk, who can help you manage every aspect of your social networking.

Talk to us now and let’s set up a plan of action for the months and years ahead!

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