Social media is as pervasive as it’s ever been. While habits change, and while some social networks may not be as popular as they once were, from a business perspective, these platforms have never been more useful.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn – all have their different audiences and uses. However, they all strive to deliver content to their users on a frequent basis. From a marketing perspective, that’s not only free advertising, it’s a dream scenario.

But what if you are completely new to social media marketing? What if all these apps and services baffle you more than entice you? It’s time to take a closer look at how they can actively grow your business or brand from the ground-up – and it’s easier than you might think.

Social Media Pushes People In Your Direction

Social media is amazing for brand-building as it is a fantastic awareness-building tool. For those businesses who need to build leads through word of mouth more than through any other channel, it’s a great opportunity to catch audiences and customers through their convenient apps of choice.

For example, you could target relevant users through Instagram who merely see a sponsored post or reel. If it is relevant to them and they want to learn more, they can click through and head to your website or online store. It is the modern, online equivalent of flying your local shops and town centres. Apart from, of course, the fact that social media reach has the potential to go global in an instant.

 Therefore, it’s a brilliant tool for passive lead generation. There’s absolutely no need for you to worry about monitoring every little aspect of your campaigns. You can effectively set up social media plans where people can continue to flow through to your website – and from there, it’s up to you to convert your browsers.

Establish Your Authority

Increasingly, people use social media to learn about the things that really matter to them. Facebook has grown into a social news engine more than the original life-sharing app it was originally intended to be. Instagram and TikTok are growing into quasi-entertainment and education machines, with lifestyle tips and everyday advice, as well as knowledge pieces, frequently drifting into reels and infographics.

 Therefore, social media gives you the brilliant opportunity to reach out to your customers and potential connections on a relevant, educational level. To be a big fish in your pond, you are going to need to establish yourself as an authority in your field. This means not only showing that you are great at what you do, but also that you genuinely care.

 It also means that you get to show your customers and visitors that you are not always about the hard sell. Yes – you want to make a profit – but by humanising your brand and focusing on the educational or social aspects of your marketing campaigns, you’re likely to attract a lot more than just casual shoppers.

You’re In Touch with Your Audience 

Social media is absolutely brilliant for keeping in touch with the people who matter to your brand the most – your audience.

 In the modern age, people are growing savvier with regard to who they shop with and where they buy their everyday items, for example. People want and need brands to be personable and to offer genuine solutions. The day and age of ‘Mad Men’ is pretty much over – you can’t just hook people with a catchy slogan and expect them to fall in love with your brand.

 You need meat behind the words, and with a direct link to users via social media, you can actually interact with the people who mean the most to your business. This means that you can effectively field queries and also answer complaints – it’s an amazing tool for accountability in this respect.

For business owners, it means that you can easily fine-tune your marketing and find out exactly what people are likely to connect with. In addition, it massively humanises your brand. Therefore, more people are likely to want to get involved with what you do!

Brand Management on Social Media is Widespread

The best news is, of course, that social media brand management is now a mainstream endeavour. There are many agencies and experts out there who are more than willing to help you reach out to those who need your goods and services.

Of course, managing your own social media can seem easy enough. Setting up might be simple on its own, but when it comes to actively ‘being’ your brand, you’re going to need experienced marketers to help you along the way.

With that in mind – are you already doing enough for your brand online? You may have only made a brief start on social media, but trust us – it is absolutely worth following through on.

Various news articles may tell you that social media such as Facebook is on the decline. However, this isn’t as cut and dried as you may imagine. As a people, we are still glued to our phones – and that means the concept of brand management via social media is hardly going to dissolve overnight.

Reach Out to Experts Who Can Help

 As mentioned, there really has been no better time for you to start building your brand via social media. The Facebook boom was more than a few years ago now – however, there are still more than plenty of people out there who are willing to find you and connect with your business.

Therefore, it makes sense to get on board with digital marketers who know more than a little about bringing brands to the social arena. Why not reach out to Digifolk for a free consultation? 

You may be just getting started in business, or may even be running an established firm looking for new avenues. In any case, make a point to reach out to our team for a chat.

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