We combine strategy, design and execution that builds long term value.

We build long term value by bringing together a combination of strategy, design and execution, delivering a funnel of better opportunities.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is our specialty. Digifolk provides end-to-end web copy creation to link building initiatives for websites to rank in higher positions in SERPs and to populate higher traffic. SEO services are either a la carte or packaged monthly.

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Search engine advertising or SEA (often referred to as search engine marketing or SEM) is anything that includes purchased advertising on search engines.

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Paid Social

Be where your audience resides the most by effectively retargeting and making your brands’ presence resonate with your target groups. Facebook remains to be an effective platform especially for e-commerce business models. Let’s take your sales to the next level with effective strategies and proactive media buying.

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Similar to putting up a good storefront, we only choose the best designers that have proved themselves with their portfolios. Thus, ensuring we only offer quality concepts and execution when it comes to design.

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