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Small businesses in the UK comprise 99% of the total business sector. This means that it is both a thriving and competitive environment. The key to growth is to leverage the power of online marketing, particularly the advantage of ranking in Google SERPs.

We at Digifolk are a specialised team of agency-trained individuals with a positive mindset and can-do attitude. Our main goal is to help small businesses level up their game through effective digital marketing strategies.

Expect us to maximise the online opportunity for your business as we offer end-to-end digital marketing services from logo and branding, to SEO, SEM, paid social media advertising, and web development.


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Search Engine Optimisation puts your business on the map. We aim to place your business on the first page of Google’s search result pages by using time-tested, ROI-driven, and ethical SEO techniques. SEO is our core specialty and we offer the most comprehensive SEO plans - from website audit, technical seo, keyword research, on-page and web copywriting, up to link building. The goal is to increase qualified search traffic to your website to bring in more leads or sales. Our SEO services are either a la carte or packaged monthly.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Advertising *(SEA) is a faster way of realising ROI from ad campaigns in Google. Through PPC (pay-per-click) and display advertising, your business can quickly gain momentum in establishing market reach and generating conversions. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to see how every Pound you spent on ads resulted in a click or conversion. Some businesses are better off utilising Google Adwords campaigns to hit their revenue goals. Digifolk is well-versed in the full suite of Google advertising products.

Paid social

Paid Social

Social media is a multi billion industry as it leverages consumer demographic and behavioral targeting. Facebook ads and Instagram ads are at the forefront of generating revenue for most businesses, particularly ecommerce business models. We also run and manage Linkedin Ads and Snapchat ads for brands. Digifolk has a wealth of experience in handling paid media ads from strategy planning, set up, optimisation, implementation, and re-targeting.



Your website is your digital storefront on the web. First and last impressions matter. Our combined experience in the digital marketing agency scene enables us to create modern and conversion-focused websites. Our design team takes the lead in understanding the nature of your business, your website goals, and the kind of user experience you want your audience to have online. More importantly, we know how to make websites that pass Google’s vote of confidence - fast and mobile-friendly websites. Let our expert web designers deliver the best website for your business.


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